What a Life… By Alecia.

Daily Post Prompt

Life is so crazy sometimes.

Sometimes you might think how dull or boring it is. Especially when you are a kid. Ever have oneof these talks with your parents?

“What’s wrong, little Billy?”

“There’s nothing to do.”

“Find something to entertain yourself.”

“(Sigh)…. I’m bored.”

My kids do it to me all the time. But now that I’m older and hopefully a little wiser, I find that life itself can entertain you. But you have to be open to the possibilities.

I’m a reader. Intentionally I can sit and read a novel a day. Sometimes more than one of I don’t move. The plus side of this is I get to be lost in a world of whatever it is I’m reading. I can empathize or criticize a character, I can imagine myself going where the character goes, or I can rewrite part of it in my head. But the downside to that is my butt hurts from sitting all day long. It’s all about balance people… That’s entertainment. It’s not loud or showy.  But it’s entertaining.

Maybe you’re not a reader. But have you ever stopped to notice how beautiful this place is we live? I lived in Georgia nearly my whole life. Think humidity, mosquitoes, and Atlanta traffic. But when you slow down and look past that, you can see green trees, fireflies, and front porches. I recall my grandma’s tradition in Griffin, Georgia of sitting on the front porch every evening after supper. Just before dark, so the fireflies were coming out (but we always called them lightening bugs), and watching the cars go by. It was done every night so long as the temps were above 50. Grandma didn’t “set” on the porch when it was too cool. We would sit in the porch swing for an hour or two. Just swaying. Sometimes we would talk and sometimes not. That was quality entertainment.

I didn’t see that then. But I sure do miss it now.

Just look around you and take a breath. If you believe you can see something around you that can make you smile, then you might notice something you missed before.

Entertainment comes in many forms. Open yourself up to see it.

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