Parental Instinct

Daily Post Prompt: EvokeFor many people, becoming a parent seems to trigger or set off natural instincts to nurture and protect. It doesn’t always master whether you have a child the old fashioned way or if you adopt or become a step parent. Although sometimes I wonder if there’s a delay in those instincts if the cold comes to you rather than you having the child.

But what interests me is how our instincts can be evoked by an image, a sound, even a smell.

When I see an image that is particularly emotional or disturbing, it evokes the response to protect or cry out. If I hear a baby or animal cry, I want to find it and make it better. When I smell coffee brewing, I sometimes look around for my grandma.

As a parent, it seems these feelings or instincts have always been there for some people while for others, it seems to develop over time.

I love being a parent. And my first child, well I call him the grand experiment. I had never changed a diaper before I had him. My husband had to show me how. But the instincts kicked in fairly quickly. Now he’s a good young man and he makes me laugh.

I am thankful for whatever evolution or creation (or whatever you believe in) that allows or instincts to work. It keeps our babies safe and warm and fed.



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